Sword Art Online ePUB – Volume 15 (100%)

Finally got around to finishing this, some nine months after the last update. Felt kinda odd coming back after keeping it incomplete at 75% for so long. Anyways, here’s volume 15 in its entirety (including the afterword), translated by tap as usual.

Next update won’t coming any time soon. I’ll most likely wait until volume 16 is completely translated before putting anything out.


SAO Volume 15

Sword Art Online ePubs – Volumes 11-14

Over the past few months I have been converting Tap’s translations of the Sword Art Online light novels into ePubs for my own personal use. I’ve decided to make them available to the public through this site however, so please enjoy!  You can use the download links below, or check out the SAO ePubs page here.

Please show Tap some love and visit his blog. Without him these translations simply wouldn’t exist!


Edit: I think I broke links before. They should be fine now.

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